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Geauga Unibody Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Do I need more than one estimate?

No. Ohio Law only requires you to obtain only one estimate. We recommend that you get your estimate form the auto body collision repair center you want to do the repairs. Read More...

2.    Can I choose the auto body shop to have my car repaired?

Yes, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT BY OHIO LAW to choose a repair shop to fix your vehicle and we guarantee our work with a written limited lifetime warranty. Read More...

3.    Are you a licensed company?

Yes,Geauga Unibody is a leading and trusted Chesterland auto body shop licensed by the State of Ohio for vehicle repair, in business since 1982.

4.    How long does the repair take?

The repair time varies. It basically depends on the extent of your vehicle damage.Small damages and dents can be repaired on the same day while a vehicle that is badly damaged after a collision may take time to repair. However, we will notify you in advance about when your vehicle will be ready.

5.    Do you offer repair estimates? How much does it cost?

Yes. With us, you can easily get an auto body collision repair cost estimate online without leaving your home. Cost estimates offered are transparent and for free. Estimates are explained in clear terms so that you can make a confident decision when you commit for repairs with us.

6.    Is the repair work guaranteed?

Yes. All repair services offered by us are guaranteed with a written limited lifetime warranty.

7.    What auto body collision repair services do you offer?

At Geauga Unibody, we provide vehicle owners a full-range of auto body collision repair services. Our services include all major and minor repairs, and auto body painting solutions. We go the extra mile to ensure your convenience and this is exactly why we also offer our customers 24/7 towing services and car rental reservations. We also assist you with insurance claims to make sure it is repaired to it's previous pre-accident condition for your safety & return on the value on your investment. What repairs parts will be used, learn more...

8.    Which insurance company do you work with?

We work with all insurance companies. Our experts will work on your behalf with the insurance company. We will meticulously review the estimate on the claim with the insurance company and keep you as well as the insurer well-informed throughout the vehicle repairs, via telephone, email and text. Learn More About Insurance Coverage...

9.    Are you experienced in color matching? Will the new paint match the rest of my car seamlessly?

We have a team of certified auto body technicians who are well-trained in color matching. Besides this, we only use highest quality paint such as Axalta coating system and Spies Hecker paint with a written limited lifetime warranty.

At GU, we use advanced technology to determine and formulate the exact color for your car so that the newly painted part component match blends with your existing car color seamlessly and looks indistinguishable.

To give the paint a high-gloss and factory finish look, we pass-it-through our cutting edge downdraft spray booth and bake oven as well.

10.    What is Paint-Less Dent Removal?

This is an innovative yet cost-effective method that is used to remove unsightly dents on damaged car exterior surfaces. It utilizes a unique approach that involves metal shaping and shrinking without the use of traditional auto body repair methods like sanding, and body fillers and refinishing.

11.    What areas do you cater to?

We extend our auto body collision repair and painting services to vehicle owners located in Geauga County, Cuyahoga County, Lake County and beyond.

12.   Do I need to schedule an appointment for the service?

Though we welcome walk-in customers, but it’s best to call ahead for auto body service. Stop in anytime during normal business hours for an estimate or get an online estimate first, so that you’re well-aware of the cost you’re likely to incur.

13.    My car is badly damaged. Is it safe for me to drive it to your workshop for repair services?

Driving a badly damaged car that has been in a collision is not recommended as it may not be safe or cause more damage. Therefore, to bring the car to us, benefit from our 24/7 towing service. Just give us a call and our towing crew will be there at your service to tow your car to our secure parking lot for evaluation & repair.

14.    Do you have expertise in frame straightening?

Yes. We use our advanced frame and unibody straightening equipment to restore the vehicle’s inner structure back to its original state. This equipment incorporates hydraulics & torque for pulling, straightening & aligning which our team of experienced and expert technicians leverages on, to restore your damaged vehicle's dimensions and integrity of unibody structure. 

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, the frame of the vehicle if needed is gradually pulled, pushed and straighten with up to 10 tons of hydraulic power. With use of our 3 dimensional measuring system we can precisely measure align, measure and restore the vehicle  back to it's pre-loss factory specifications.

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