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Serving Our Communites, Chesterland & Beyond

Here at Geauga Unibody, giving back to the community is of the utmost importance and also a huge part of who we are as a business. We enjoy offering our services whenever they are needed and we take great pride in upholding a high quality town, such as Chesterland.

Some examples of giving back include, but are not limited to:

West Geauga High School Mock Accident

chesterland historical foundation

Here at GU, we want to advocate for safe driving practices, especially for our new,teen drivers. We donated these wrecked cars for the 3rd year in a row for the annual mock accident done by the drama department and the Chester Fire/Police Department.

This mock accident is a way to educate the students of West G before they embark on their prom weekend and we are proud to be a part of this ongoing tradition!

Donating and supporting West Geauga Sports teams, including Boys Baseball,Football, as well as Girls Soccer and Cheerleading.

Geauga Unibody has continually advertised and supported WG athletics. Whether it be buying advertisements in their programs to providing t-shirts to be thrown out at Football games, GU takes pride in our towns school athletics.

Kelley Miller Circus

Supporting the Kelly Miller Circus that is put on by the West Geauga Kiwanis Club, by advertising and spreading the word on the event

know your auto repair rights

We have been supporters of the West Geauga Kiwanis for countless years and have been advertising for and with the Kelly Miller Circus since 2009.

The Kelley Miller Cirucs is a great community event for not only the children of the Chesterland community, but also adults of all ages. We also support other events of the Kiwanis, such as the Pancake Breakfast where we advertise on their placemats.

Sponsoring the Metzenbaum Center 11th Annual Golf Outing

chesterland historical foundation

By sponsoring this great community event, the people of Metzenbaum are able to receive continued quality care for the citizens of Geauga County who need it.

WG Rec T-ball

Placing a float in the Chesterland 4th of July Parade, while supporting
WG Rec T-ball

know your auto repair rights

This year GU decorated the newly refinished tow truck and showed our patriotic pride.

The children of West Geauga T-ball team rode on the float and threw out candy, as well as over 500 mini soft baseballs that GU provided, to parade watchers.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce in Chesterland, as well as supporters of Chester Fest

Staying involved in the community is a huge part of what makes Geauga Unibody what it is. We do our best to give back and do as much as possible to better the community. Chester Fest is a great event put on by the Commerce, when we articipated we put up a booth,gave out free t-shirts, as well as offered a game that showed distracted driving and the negative effects.

Sisters of Notre Dame

Supporters of the 54th annual BBQ and Boutique Dinner ran by the Sisters of Notre Dame

know your auto repair rights

Geauga Unibody has been a continuous supporter of community service that the Sisters of Notre Dame have put on, as well as proud providers of our services whenever the Sisters need their vehicles fixed.

The 54th annual Barbecue and Boutique is a great fundraiser for Notre Dame and we are proud to donate and advertise in their Patron Book.This years theme is “a piece of heaven” in regards to the  Sister’s apple pie and along with that rib and chicken dinners will be available for purchase.

Support the Chesterland Historical Foundation

chesterland historical foundation

We have been affiliated with the Chesterland Historical Foundation for over 10 years. At GU, we appreciate the history of the community, especially since John has been a resident of the Chesterand community for over 55 years.

This is Geauga Unibody’s way of giving back to the Chesterland Historical Foundation that spends countless hours preserving our town’s history. Being a distributor of the society’s spiral bound book is just a small contribution to all the work that they do.

The book is $25 dollars and outlines Chester’s start up and rise to the town it is today. All proceeds of the book go to the Chesterland Historical Foundation.

Know Your Rights!

When you are in an automobile accident, did you know…

know your auto repair rights

Did you know that in the great state of Ohio you are only required by law to obtain One Estimate? That’ right, the law requires only One.

Who decides where you vehicle is repaired? You do! In the state of Ohio you and only you make that choice. Select the shop you wish to repair your vehicle and notify your insurance company of your choice. Your insurance company may suggest a shop of their choice but it is against the law for an insurance company to “Steer” you to a shop.

Who offers the warranty on collision repairs? Your insurance company may try to tell you that if you take your vehicle to one of their “preferred” shops they will offer you a lifetime warranty. This is misleading; it is the body shop that offers the warranty for the repairs they have performed, Not the insurance company.

Do You Have The Coverage You Need?

Did you know, there are three main types of automobile insurance coverage when it comes to car repairs involving accidents?

auto coverage neeeded

1. Collision coverage protects your own vehicle if you are involved in a car accident. Collision coverage pays to have your vehicle restored to its pre-accident condition.

2. Liability coverage protects anyone you may have collided with and pays for the repair on the other party’s damage. Ohio law requires it.

3. Comprehensive coverage protects your own vehicle if you hit an animal, your vehicle is vandalized or stolen, or if it is damaged by Mother Nature.

Sometimes there is a fine line between Collision and Comprehensive. For example, a large rock slides down the side of the roadway and hits your car. This would be a comprehensive claim. If you were driving and hit a rock already in the roadway, it would be a collision claim. The key question is, did you hit the rock, or did the rock hit you?

Did You Know?

When your vehicle is damaged, repairs can be made with different types of replacement parts.

OEM – (Original Equipment Manufacturer), is a brand new part that is manufactured by the company that made your vehicle.

Recycled Part – is made by the original manufacturer. But, unlike the OEM part, it has been salvaged from a vehicle that has been in an accident and is beyond repair.

Reconditioned Part – is made by the original manufacturer. It has been on a vehicle, had slight damage and has been reconditioned or refurbished.

Aftermarket Part – is a brand-new part. However, it was not manufactured by the OEM. It may not have the same fit, corrosion resistance, and may void your warranty. Aftermarket parts are less expensive, so their primary use is to save money.

As you can see there are quite a variety of options when selecting parts for repair and/or replacement.

Did you know that some insurance companies offer OEM endorsement to your policy, that if needed, the parts will be replaced with OEM parts? Ask your agent what your policy offers. It is important to read or ask your insurance agent questions about parts usage before accepting your policy.

Did You Know…

Temporary Rental Replacement Vehicles

temporary rental vehicles

Claimant (Insurance provider of the other party involved)

If your vehicle needs repairs, you are entitled to a rental vehicle. By law, in Ohio, the insurance provider is only required to provide reasonable transportation. In other words, they may authorize a vehicle which may be too small for your family or business needs.

However, you can ask the insurance provider to authorize a larger vehicle similar to what you normally drive. In the worst-case scenario, you can always pay the difference between the smaller vehicle and the one you need.

Insured (Insurance provider is your company)

You must have rental coverage on your policy prior to the loss to be entitled to a rental vehicle. For your benefit, we suggest you contact your insurance provider or agent and see what you have on your policy. There are different rates you can select. Make sure your policy covers the size of the vehicle that you need to carry on day to day life in a normal manner.


Keep in mind, the car rental company is going to try to sell you extra insurance. Ask your insurance agent if your insurance coverage transfers to the rental. That way, you know if you are covered, or if you need the additional insurance.

Ohio Ranked 4th In The Nation

Didyou know, that there are certain times of the year you are more likely to be hit by a deer?

accidents caused by deer

The “Rut”, as it is called, is the mating season, and usually happens during October and then again, in mid-December. The bucks are busy chasing the doe, and they are not concerned with anything else, typical male.

Every year in Ohio deer cost drivers and their insurance companies thousands of dollars. Last year (2011), Ohio ranked 4th highest in the nation for auto accidents involving deer. A deer hit is a comprehensive claim, and should not count against you when it comes to an increase in your premiums.

What can you do to prevent this? You can buy a deer whistles to install on your front bumper, and some people swear they work. However, I can tell you we replace a lot of bumpers with the whistles on them after the vehicle has collided with a deer. You should be more aware when driving at dusk and dawn. Try to watch the sides of the road. Look for deer crossing signs, they are there for a reason.

When you see one, slow down and be aware: where there is one deer there are usually more. Flash your lights or honk the horn if they are on the side of the road, this may startle them into moving away from the highway. As hard as it may be, never swerve your vehicle, you may end up hitting something a lot worse.

We are hearing more and more from our customers that they didn’t hit the deer. The deer hit them! And yes, it is true they will run right into the side of your vehicle. Deer cross the road all the time. It is just during the “Rut” that the bucks have a one-track mind. If you do have an accident with a deer, don’t attempt to help the injured animal, it can injure you. Call the police and they will know what to do.

You can always call us at Geauga Unibody, and we will take care of everything for you. That’s What We Do!

It’s all in the details

We Provide Free Auto Detailing With Every Auto Collision Repair

temporary rental vehicles

We’ll make quick work of the dirt, dust, grub & grit and have you
sparkling inside and out, for free with our collision repair services.

First we use our compressed air guns to blast away debris stuck between your seats, in your air vents and any other pesky areas that you
just can’t get to without the right tools. We then meticulously clean and disinfect all the hard surfaces and vacuum throughout, leaving your car sparkling clean.

Scratches? Blemishes? Other imperfections?

We give it everything we’ve got. Our 4-step process will
help restore your car’s original shine and luster.

1. We remove grit and restore a glass-like finish
2. We buff out small blemishes, scratches and imperfections.
3. We bring back the shine of the painted surfaces so that the color just pops.
4. We protect all of the above work with a coat of wax.

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